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"I was in Paris two days ago, and I'm going back in two days. I would have never left had I fuckin' not had this engagement," Def Jam rapper Pusha T announces on the line dialing in from North Carolina.

Wiz Khalifa sits on a bench meticulously rolling his weed when Ty Dolla $ign walks out to the patio dressed in all black. Drinks are poured and cameras emerge as Karen Civil, Mario and industry elite walk through the Paramount Studio doors in Hollywood ready to hear Ty's latest project, Beach House 2.

"My mama still messes up my name. She combines 'Rapsody' and 'Rapdiddy' (and) says 'Rap-so-diddy'," she tweets.

"Shut up, bitch! Let's go." Jude fades out Nancy Sinatra's "Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" as Mac Mall's "My Opinion" beat gets all the way turnt up. "I play what I want when I want 'cause I can!" he proclaims during his Pill Mix.


Los Angeles native Andrea Aguilar has always had a strong passion for hip-hop and journalism.

She created at the age of 15 and garnered media attention from publications like the LA Times and MTV. She was granted the opportunity to meet Eminem after his publicist took notice and eventually landed a job at Interscope Records.

As a writer, Andrea has contributed to various outlets including Pigeons & Planes and HipHopDX. She also worked for REVOLT TV and hosted her own Dash Radio show via Delicious Vinyl. She has interviewed artists like Snoop Dogg, The Game, Pusha T, and Big Sean.

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